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Privacy Monitor Assistant

Take charge of your personal information being exposed online. Privacy Monitor Assistant finds your info on public sites and requests removal on your behalf.**

C$49.99 first yr
C$4.99 /month

Is your personal info exposed on the web? 

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Public sites can sell your info without your consent


  • Data broker sites collect your available personal information, and match it to your public records.
  • Profiles are created that can include your address, private contact info, info on your children, court records, and more.
  • Your info can be exposed even further by being sold to marketers, employers, and consumers via the web.


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How Privacy Monitor Assistant works


Your exposed info is found

We scan popular data broker sites for your personal info.


You're opted out

Our Support Agents will request removal of your info for you.


You get ongoing support

Re-scanning every 90 days let's you know if your data was reposted, and we can request it to be removed.**

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Privacy Monitor Assistant

Take back control of your personal info by taking it off the market.**

C$49.99 first yr
C$4.99 /month

No one can prevent all cybercrime or identity theft.