What is The Internet of Things (IoT)?


The Internet of Things refers to electronic devices that are able to connect to the Internet and share data with other Internet enabled devices. Also known as connected devices, this includes laptops, smartphones, and computers, however they are far from limited from just these three things. The term ‘thing’ in the Internet of Things could be anything from a person’s blood pressure monitor, a bluetooth connected door lock, to a garage door opener that has an IP address and can communicate over a network.

Concerns Around The Internet of Things

With so much information transmitted across several devices there is always the danger of data getting intercepted and used for malicious purposes. A simple device like your fitness tracker can be hacked into, thereby providing access to your entire home network.

How to Stay Safe

As IoT develops and makes these devices easier to use it is also likely that it will unravel more threats and unknown situations. For now the best way to stay secure is to stay equipped with all the information there is know about your Internet connected devices. Read more in this section about the Internet of Things, and its impact on our everyday lives as it evolves with technology and the world around us.

What is the Future of IoT?

With billions of IoT devices connected to the Internet, it is expected that this will make our lives easier. It provides real-time information that allows us to monitor our homes and businesses remotely. With a simple connection to the Internet, devices will perform their function on their own, thereby saving time and resources and giving a better output.

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